possible, between and together

Sunroom Project Space 2019: July 21 - September 2

wave hill, NY

The installation explores the artist’s Korean background, history, border issues, peace and hope. Yellow Yuchae (canola) flowers bloom annually on Jeju Island, which developed a semi-matriarchal society in contrast to the patriarchal culture of the rest of the country. With the wishing well, Bae memorializes the 2014 tragedy of a ferry with 433 passengers (among them 325 high school students) on holiday that capsized as it traveled from Incheon, South Korea to Jeju Island, which is located furthest south. Two-hundred-ninety-nine of the students died, and yellow ribbons memorialized them and represented hope and support. Bae notes that although the dominant yellow brings up feelings of warmth, the color is tied to an eerie memory. The large piles of yellow flowers can be seen as a constant accumulation of new information and experiences for Bae as she struggles with a disconnect between her home country and the United States.
— Curator of Visual Arts, Eileen Jeng Lynch

More info at the Wave Hill website here.