Symposium_eros 0.1  Acrylic, bailey twines on burlap, and piano  2017
 At-One-Ment  Acrylic, bailer twines, a claw-foot bathtub, 156x46 inches  (Made in the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts, September 2017)     Title comes from word atonement. The solid piece of bathtub symbolizes the ship, containment and a safe place. The 293 yellow flowers are made of acrylic paints placed inside the tub, for solidarity and tribute for the drowned bodies of high school kids from the sinking MV Sewol in Korea.      
 Detail, At-One-Ment         
 Detail, At-One-Ment            
 Like Sleepy Summer Time  Acrylic, bamboo plates on fish strings, 55x21 inches, August 2017            
 All You Have to Do is Dream  Acrylic and woods on wall, 24x39 inches, July 2017                  
 Surrender All Your Dreams to Me Tonight  Acrylic and woods on wall, 31x36 inches, July 2017                  
 Shades for You and Me  Acrylic on wall, 25x18 inches, March 2017               
 Detail, Shades for You and Me               
 Today is Another Day  Acrylic on wall, 28x14 inches, March 2017            
 Drawing: Terra II  Acrylic, acrylic sheet, Styrofoam, plants and spray paint wall on shelf, approx. 28 x 14 x 4 inches, December 2016               
 What She Said  Acrylic, Styrofoam on wall, approx. 33x33x17 inches, June 2015                     
 Waiting for Godot  Acrylic on wall and felt on performer, dimensions variable, 2015
 Smile Again  Acrylic, Styrofoam and tape on wall, approx. 59x96 inches, 2015                  
 Drawing: Terra I  Acrylic, brick model, Styrofoam, plants and spray paint on acrylic sheet and wall, approx. 33 x 38 x 17 inches , 2015                                 
 All is Well  Acrylic on wall, 250x10x10 cm, 2015            
 Platonic Relationship  Vinyl on wall and floor, Dimensions variable, 2015                     
 Acrylic on performer next to Fold (Silver)                        
 Acrylic boxes, 2011      
 Stripes (Pink)   
 Somewhere  Acrylic on wood, 10.7x3 inches, 2011
 I Almost You  Acrylic on plastic container, 11x8 inches, 2011
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