Bae Portal Theorem  Acrylic, linen, panels, 87x65 inches for curtain and 10x8 inches for panels, September 2017        Based on Pythagoras's harmony and proportion I imagined a gateway to another dimension by going through the acrylic curtains I created, accompanied by images of flower of life, sphere of music with Pythagoras playing the scale.            
 Into the Valley of Blooming Spring  Acrylic on linen, 60x44 cm, March 2017               
 In the Morning by the Blue Lagoon as the Sun Bears Its Will  Acrylic and tape on linen, 60x44 cm, March 2017            
 Ofdi Vine Shit II  Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 45x140 inches, 2010                              
 Ofdi Vine Shit III (Chocolate)  Acrylic on canvas, 36x84 inches, 2010                  
 Ofdi Vine Shit I  Acrylic, cigarette, silk flower, silicon, spray paint, vinyl on canvas, 60x144 inches, 2010      
 Detail, Ofdi Vine Shit I         
 Frequency of Intention  Aluminum foil, Arduino Duemilanove (a single-board micro controller computer chip,) conductive carbon and silver paint, power adapter, speakers and wires on canvas, 65” x 28”, 2009     I began experimenting with the use of Arduino, for the purpose of facilitating a dialogue across the auditory and the visual within the realm of painting. Initially forming the idea through Isaac Newton, who proposed that musical tones and color tones shared common frequencies—as did Goethe in his book Theory of Color, I wanted to study a sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality: for example, when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualization of a certain color.   Through conductive paint, it picks up the electricity of the viewer when approached. The chip is programmed to emit AbC#, a note tribute to the opening chord of French composer Olivier Messiaen’s Prelude. Messiaen himself was concerned with visualizing color in music and symmetrical composition.            
 Conversation (with Gorgias and Socrates)  Acrylic, coffee, spray paint, vinyl, watercolor on canvas, 45x70 inches, 2009     Gorgias was a legendary asshole sophist who was able to convince anyone to his viewpoint, whether it was morally sound or not. He often took unpopular and ridiculous positions just to prove his point and accumulated considerable wealth through charging lots of money for his performance; he erected a gold statue of himself in the public temple. Plato disliked Gorgias-kind rhetorician, clearly in opposition making point of philosophy is different from rhetoric or oratory. However I think Socrates had a special respect for Gorgias for his twisted character.     The circular geometric symbol in the painting is called Flower of Life.            
 Diagram of Universe, acrylic, color pencils, plastic, glass beads on canvas, 2009            
 NEAR, 22x18 inches, acrylic on canvas, 2009                  
 Thought Space, 22x18 inches, acrylic and paper on canvas, 2009               
 Instant Khora  Acrylic on wood, 48x48 inches, 2009               
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