Rossana with a Violin, Heiðmörk Iceland, February 2017   
 Salve Me, acrylic, yarn on figure with violin (still shot), February 2017     My first collaboration with talent bomb Rossana Ros            
 Acrylic paint shattered. I didn't realize how porous the paint is. With cold temperature, a month of making this lace sheet looking paint was done. But I like sad art too.       
 Isn't this ship magnificent? I wanted to drape the lace paint around it. One can dream big, whatever. Some day, some day.
 What I could save after the shatter. Could this be like a drawing somehow?
 Look at this composition! Damn..fine. Wish I was a photographer! My phone camera doesn't do any justice. 
 I definitely had a drawing in mind here. Line drawing. Why is this so fascinating? I don't know.
 Another line drawing in snow.
 This is a yarn drawing. I liked how Rossana's hair reflected the line drawing too.
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