Photo credit by Richard Walker @ the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation of the Arts

about artist

Born in Busan, Korea, Kate Bae holds an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, both in painting. She currently lives in New York, NY.  


My paintings are guided by the love of the medium and experiments with the paint materials. Lately I have been interested in exploring the concept of border and the relationship with its division ALOT. As a Korean born woman and non-native English speaker immigrant to US, I am pulled into a dichotomy of distinctive two voices. The very abstract nature of Korean language coupled with ingrained Taoism instinctively directs me to spirituality and nature, yet what I make is very physical and tactile work, almost dialectic and heavily emphasized in the material. Essentially I have been employing the process of stripping paint away and assembling the paints. Playing with the identity of painting and its language feels like a gesture that corresponds to my ideas about awareness and in essence shaving layers off of myself.           


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